Mom Asks for Non-Phony, Uncondescending Meditation for Teenage Daughter

Hi Health Journeys,

Could you please, please, please do a program on meditation for teens? The only ones I can find have the most awful, phony voices. My daughter has been listening to you at bedtime for years. She loves your voice and music (as do I). 

But a lot of meditation, mindfulness and anxiety recordings I've found are either condescending, phony-sounding, or use vocabulary that's too sophisticated for a teen, so she ends up worrying about whether she understands it or not. 

Please - just a simple one for self-acceptance, letting go of what other people think about her and understanding life's complicated questions...

Dear Jane,

Thanks for the kind words, but there really are some great recordings for teens out there, which are neither condescending, phony nor overly show-offy with the fancy words.  

I recommend Bodhipaksa's Mindfulness Meditation for Teens as a great example of something terrific for adolescents, precisely because he never talks down to his listeners, and he's clear, straightforward, and really, really good. Just to warn you: he's got a Scottish accent – but it’s not phony in the least, and easy to get used to. I like his voice a lot.  

Mellisa Dormoy also has a couple of fine guided meditation programs for teens – one for self-esteem and one for stress management. Both hit all the right areas of worry and concern that teenagers struggle with.The language isn’t daunting, either. 

But if she’s been listening to my guided imagery all along, it seems to me she could also listen to guided imagery for adults, too, as many teens do.  

Traci Steins work would be right up her alley – either her excellent Self-Esteem Set or her Self-Compassion Set

And what’s nice about Traci’s work is that there are short and long tracks, some for when awake and some for during sleep. They're wonderfully versatile, smart and psychologically sophisticated, but not in an intimidating or pretentious way.   

And if she likes my voice, any of my adult audios for confidence or de-stressing would be fine for her and most teens as well.

Please do let your daughter know that she doesn't have to understand every word to get the benefit she’s looking for. The basic messages get through, even if she zones out or sleeps through the whole thing. 

And, believe me, if she can understand the vocabulary I use (I sometimes get carried away with the verbiage), she'll be able to understand any one of 'em.   

Good luck and give her a hug from me!

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