This has been a year of many, many interruptions, and I apologize for my sluggishness in delivering the goods on the promised TBI imagery.  The writing is almost done and I’ll be recording that ‘ere long.  Sorry!

We’re almost ready to add our newest improvement on the Sleep App – the timer function that allows you to program it to shut off after a chosen amount of playing time – or just have it play forever.  So stay tuned for that.

I also want to remind you that this is the week that Priscilla Warner’s bestselling book on healing her panic attacks, Learning to Breathe, comes out in paperback.  This, along with our Panic Attack guided imagery, would make for a truly fantastic gift for a long-suffering friend or loved one.

I also want to tell you about the brilliant Joan Borysenko’s Relaxing Through the Seasons CD which has some of her original conscious breathing and progressive muscle relaxation exercises on it, plus some lovely, thought-quieting, relaxing imagery.  We’re delighted to have it in our new catalog.

Another favorite is the mellow, super-skillful Julie Lusk, who isn’t just terrific at teaching yoga - she also has some great breathing exercises, as well as imagery and affirmations on her Wholesome Relaxation CD.
As we’d hoped when we first heard about the drawdown of our troops, we’ve been getting a really strong response to our retooled Military Transition Kit, which is designed to help our servicemen reintegrate back into civilian life – not such an easy thing to do, as many of you already know.

And the interest in our War Trauma Remediation Kit has been off the charts.  Primarily, it has come from those with combat stress and/or military sexual trauma or from those who care about them and want to have resources available for them.
That’s all for now.  Take care and be well.