Some of you may have noticed that I’m not a big proponent of video or virtual reality resources, simply because I think it’s far more effective when you can close your eyes and conjure up your own images and sensations generated from your insides. 

It’s only when a visual feast shows up that’s so transformationally gorgeous, that all bets are off with my usual reservations. 

This is why we’re now carrying Joe Lindsay’s Healing Waters: A Meditative Underwater Experience It’s such breathtakingly exquisite videography, capturing the movement of sunlight, currents and water flowing around rocks and underwater grasses, that it just gobsmacks you into a state of meditative bliss.  I’m not as crazy about the music (our staff committee liked it well enough), but the gorgeousness of this video trumps the audio, and, besides, if you’ve got a persnickety ear like mine, you can always lower the sound.

Vibrational Sound Healing composed and performed by Kimba Arem & friends combines holophonic recording technology with multi-layered sounds and binaural beats to produce brainwave states conducive to tranquility and healing.  This talented group uses piano, crystal didjeridu, flutes, waterphone, crystal and Tibetan bowls, and vocal harmonics to deliver a serene and mystical soundscape for meditation.  I found tracks 5, 6, and 7 especially lovely, with some delicious, haunting Kitaro-esque sounds.   

We also have Cleanse & Build Inner Qi by John P. Milton.  Part of the Qi Gong for Long Life series, Milton’s video demonstrates Taoist teachings about how to clear energy pathways, release toxic or harmful emotions stored in the organs, increase vigor and sexual energy, improve digestion, enhance immune function and strengthen the bones. Each segment shows Milton guiding three students in specific, targeted practices that are clearly taught, detailed and easy to follow. There are also 12 excellent reference cards for quick reminders of the practices.  

Cultivate Longevity is another excellent master class with John P. Milton in the Long Life Series.  The emphasis is on clearing stale chi and toxins (stagnant energy) from the body, with targeted exercises to increase fitness, prevent illness, promote mental clarity, presence, long life and grounded connection with the earth.  There’s even a Crane Posture for removing belly fat in here!  

And Milton’s third title in this superb series is called Develop Qi Strength & Power, which shows how to use targeted Qi Gong practices to build strength, power, vitality and well-being.   

So check some of these out if you’ve got a minute or two.

Take care and be well,