More on the Power of Gratitude during Our ThanksGifting Sale

Dr. Fred Craigie highlights gratitude as a practice benefiting immune function, mental health, quality of life, happiness, interpersonal relationships, and improved health behaviors….

Here is what my insightful colleague, Fred Craigie PhD, recently said about gratitude, on a virtual panel we share.  

I met Fred through the Integrative Medicine Fellowship at the U of AZ, founded by Andy Weil and developed by Victoria Maizes.  His website is very aptly named:

Most anything he says brings extraordinary depth to any discussion, but this is just a clear, cogent summary that I want to share with you. And because I can never say anything better than what was in original Fred-Speak, I’m just going to quote him directly. He says:

“I want to highlight the practice of gratitude.  Gratitude has to do both with gratefulness for what we experience as blessings and good things, and with openness to possibilities for meaningful living in the face of challenges.

“As a quality (the research often calls this “dispositional gratitude”), gratitude is associated with a variety of health benefits, including immune function, mental health, quality of life, happiness, strengthened interpersonal relationships, and greater engagement in choices about health behaviors, among others.
“Increasingly, we see intervention research that is showing more efficient clinical approaches (e.g., a 2015 online intervention improving depression, stress and happiness) and a more nuanced understanding of why they work.

“My own experience is that the now time-honored gratitude interventions of gratitude journaling and gratitude letters/visits  [italics mine] can be powerful and easy to implement.

I also talk with people about “savoring” life experiences - meaningful, straightforward and accessible - as we think about mind/body integrative medicine approaches.“

So, there you go.  More support for keeping that journal and sharing your gratitude with those you’re grateful for.

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