We get a thank you from a mother whose adult daughter was able to draw great comfort and help during chemo from a guided imagery tape her Kaiser social worker gave her.. My daughter was told she had cancer by her doctor at Kaiser this past Christmas. From the looks of it today, it appears that she will be a survivor, but, due to the doctor’s recommendation, she will continue with chemo through the summer. After her second or third treatment, the social worker gave her your guided imagery tape, which she got free from a drug company. My daughter loves it - listens each a.m. and p.m., and she’s made copies of it to use everywhere (she would have been happy to purchase them, but she wanted them "yesterday", so she copied them.). I’m sure you are aware of the many benefits people derive from guided imagery, but I wanted to personally thank you, because these tapes HELP my dear daughter, and NOTHING is more important to me.

Patty McCue