My Health Journey: Blood Pressure Awareness

In keeping with Blood Pressure Awareness Month, we went snooping around the reviews posted on Amazon to see what people had to say about their journey using guided imagery for their blood pressure and related issues. We happily spotted these comments.

We found Mary E. Newman’s telling of how listening to guided imagery for a Healthy Heart helped her. She posted this:

I use the imagery in this [Healthy Heart] recording] whenever it comes to mind. For me the images are easy to visualize and see my cardiac system growing stronger. My blood pressure has dropped and I now take less medication. I would also recommend "Meditation for General Wellness" by Belleruth Naparstek. This is one of my original and most used discs and the one that made me decide to try Healthy Heart.

Among the other shout-outs for this same guided imagery program, we found this comment from Linda (no last name given):

I have used Belleruth Naparstek's tapes before and found this one especially valuable. I use it almost daily and I'm finding my endurance is improved and, in combination with a very low fat diet, I've managed to drop 10 pounds in about 6 weeks. I would recommend her tapes to anyone wanting to take more responsibility for their own health!

p.s. If you weren’t so lucky as to avoid heart surgery, you might want to know about the guided imagery we created for Mehmet Oz at Columbia Presbyterian (when he was doing a ton of bypass surgery, and before he became a TV star!) to help patients with recovery in the Cardiac ICU and the step-down unit, as well as with post-surgical rehab in general. It’s called Cardiac ICU and Rehab, and here is the story told on our website by a Cardiac Surgical ICU nurse named Jill:

I work in a Cardiac Surgical ICU and have purchased this CD as part of our unit's Healing Enhancement program. We have incorporated Guided Imagery into our patients’ care--what a fantastic CD this is. It is becoming very well received by our staff and patients alike. Thanks for helping improve our patients’ hospitalization at a time when it counts the most.

And our thanks back, to all the men and women who took the time to comment!

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