My Health Journey: Dealing with PTSD

Hi Belleruth,

You probably receive a lot of emails from fans, but here's another.

I just finished reading your book, Invisible Heroes which was recommended to me by my Rubenfeld Synergist.  Although I had recently figured out that I have been suffering from PTSD for the past 30 years, it was your book that completely and compassionately described what I've gone through. I am so incredibly grateful.

I have had two autoimmune diseases, heart valve replacement, bulimia, and now high blood pressure. I also self-medicated, etc. I'm an amazingly in-shape person, and I eat a natural foods diet, so the illnesses never made total sense. (I've resolved all the illnesses except for the blood pressure.) But now I know, with all certainty, that everything stems from my witnessing my sister's death from suicide back when I was 17.

It's a long story, and I've finally begun to resolve it. My illnesses were all quite poetic in describing my pain -- bulimia -- purging of toxic shame;  pericarditis -- tears around my heart;  Guillaume Barre syndrome -- numbing down;  a closed heart valve  -- closing out love, and the restricted, constricted flow of life-giving blood. 

I had figured parts of it out over the years, but it wasn't until Rubenfeld Synergy that I began to heal, and connected it all with my anxiety, depression, and hypervigilent savior behavior. 

Your book helped me confirm beyond a doubt that this is what happened to me, making such complete sense of all that I've been through; and that it was my initial bouts of complete dissociation that ultimately led to my situation.   I have recommended your book to friends in need.

I found Rubenfeld Synergy after decades of searching for the answers on my own.  Then one day, so discouraged, I prayed for help in opening up my heart.  Then the miracles began.  I am so much happier.

With prayer, Kundalini Yoga, and most of all Rubenfeld Synergy, I have been able to access and heal so much of my hidden pain and trauma.

I don't feel guilty anymore.

And now, if only all the doctors out there would begin to understand the importance of trauma and healing!

Thank you,
Melanie Burns-Meyer

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