Your Questions & Our Answers about the N.O.W. Tone Therapy System


We were able to answer some of the questions you sent our way about the N.O.W. Tone Therapy System, but some went way beyond our pay grade or expertise.

Those we sent to N.O.W.’s inventor/developer, Michael Joly, and we learned a lot from his gracious, thoughtful responses. It was very compelling to my Inner Geek, not to mention the co-residing Inner Mystic, and I thought you’d enjoy his answers, too.

Certainly, the average Reiki, Therapeutic Touch and Healing Touch practitioner will be fascinated, along with singers, musicians, music and sound therapists, acupuncturists, massage therapists, any and all biofield practitioners… and anyone who’s enjoyed the sound and impact of Tibetan singing bowls - all will be positively transfixed by Michael’s answers.

For those of you who came in late, I’m talking about N.O.W., the hockey puck-sized speakers that deliver random sequences of exquisite, vibrating tones, to create a substantial shift in listeners within each 3-minute session. When people just focus on the tones, most manage to shift into a state of substantially greater calm, centeredness and focus.

It’s pretty amazing. I keep thinking of new populations who would benefit: kids or adults with ADHD; hospice patients; trauma survivors; people who have trouble sleeping; athletes who need to get out of a negative space they’re caught in; a whole roomful of staff to start a meeting… I could go on and on.

But I digress. Here are a few of the questions – and answers.

Mary asks:

How does the N.O.W. system work as far as making the actual sounds? Do you need an app or what, to get them to play?

This one I could answer. I wrote:

Hi, Mary. The sounds come out of the speakers, (aka the ‘gizmos’, sometimes called the Peace Pucks by the manufacturer), which are wireless and rechargeable, holding a charge for months with average use. They have on buttons on the bottom of each, which you press and then just let the sequence play through.

John asks:

Is there an ideal placement for the speakers to give me the most benefit?

On this one, I wanted to know the answer as much as John did, so I sent it to Michael. Here is his answer:

The answers are as varied as the users themselves. But first, be sure to play and listen to both speakers at the same time.

Some people like to spread the speakers apart so they are more aware of the space between them (awareness of external space promotes awareness of inner space).

Other folks like to place the two speakers close together. This emphasizes the oneness-making capacity of N.O.W. By this I mean that to the eyes, N.O.W. appears to be two separate objects, but when placed side-by-side, the acoustical presentation to the ears is of One experiences of wholeness. This has a very integrative, healing effect.

So placement can vary, depending on if one wants to emphasize oneness of being (side-by-side) or awareness of spatial emptiness. Both give excellent results though with slightly different emphasis.

To this answer, I would add the suggestion to feel free to experiment to see what seems to have the best effect for you personally. Don’t worry about ‘doing it wrong’; chances are there will be benefit no matter what you do.

A psychologist named Diana writes:

I find [N.O.W.] very exciting and would like to share it with my clients. I wonder about whether or not it is safe for those who have pacemakers. I have learned to be very careful when recommending devices to clients.

Again, this was definitely one to punt to Michael. He replied:

The N.O.W. Tone Therapy System is safe for those who use pacemakers, although pacemaker users should be aware that the N.O.W. speakers do contain magnets.

As such, the normal advice directing pacemaker users not to come into contact with magnetic fields (like MRI machines) and the recommendation to avoid working near powerful electric motors, should be observed.

This means you should not place the N.O.W. speakers on your chest or abdomen, but instead use N.O.W. as it is primarily intended – as an audible tone generating system, as opposed to a vibration therapy device.

In the case of pacemaker patients we recommend N.O.W. be placed at a convenient arms-length distance from the body. The sound will still be intimate and effective, but there will be no magnetic field reaching the pacemaker from N.O.W.’s internal magnets.

Andrew asks:

Can I use headphones or Bluetooth devices with N.O.W.?

(Editorial cut to the chase: short answer is NO. Michael affords a better response.)

By design, N.O.W. does not support Bluetooth headphones. The special New Origin Waveforms require special speakers to reproduce the tones with maximum fidelity and transformative power.

We developed the special New Origin Waveforms by using N.O.W. itself as the reference standard playback speakers.

In other words, the content was developed by listening over the N.O.W. speakers. By making the N.O.W. speakers the only means our customers can play back the New Origin Waveforms, we can ensure users of N.O.W. have an optimum experience.

This is the same practice used in the film industry whereby a Dolby/THX motion picture is mixed in the dubbing studio, and then played back in a THX-approved theater –– the film producers AND the audience have the same quality-controlled listening experience.

In addition, N.O.W. is intended to be used played into a room, so that these tones can interact with the room boundaries and provide a unique soundscape for each person in the room, each time it is used.

So unlike headphone-based meditation apps, N.O.W.'s pure tones can be enjoyed by an individual OR a group of people gathered together, with each person receiving an individualized sonic experience.

We have no plans to offer Bluetooth transmission, so that we can continue to ensure our customers have an optimum N.O.W. experience.

Okay, there’s way more where these came from, but perhaps you, your inner geek and your inner mystic have had enough for now.

As for us, it’s trippy to be back in the learner’s seat, and we’re loving sharing this wonderful device and its benefits with you.

Take care and be well, (and stay sonic!)