Take That Corona Virus! New Anti-Viral Guided Imagery Is Here!

Okay, it’s here!!

Guided Imagery for Resisting and Preventing Viral Infection by mind-body pioneer (and extremely good guy), Emmett Miller MD, has been edited, equalized, de-essed, de-popped, re-spaced, newly balanced, mixed, bounced, compressed, amplified and possibly even sanctified for all I know.

It’s now ready for dispatch to anyone interested in elevating their immune system and warding off this nasty virus and any others.

Hats off to our gracious and talented sound engineer, Bruce Gigax of Audio Recording Studios in Bentleyville, Ohio, for cranking this recording out in his usual brilliant way in less than 24 hours, peppered by relentless tweakings, importunings and naggings from yours truly. He interrupted several other projects to get this done in record time.

Emmett Miller created this on an impulse to do something useful for people, and he too interrupted another project he was working on to get this done. 

Fact is, our core team has interrupted everything they’ve been working on to implement this collective enterprise. Big thanks to them all!

The program consists of an informative intro, followed by a guided meditation that first encourages deep relaxation (a receptive state that in and of itself encourages wellness, but also produces a profound receptivity to hearing the intense, muscular, protective imagery that follows, and the suggestions for behavioral change that suit dealing with a pandemic. The affirmations restate the basic themes, inspire and support.

Emmett will now turn his attention to creating guided imagery for COVID-19.

You can hear some samples of Emmett’s new imagery for resisting viruses here.

Take good care – of yourself and others.


All best,


P.S. Here's that link to Emmett's new audio Guided Imagery For Resisting & Preventing Viral Infection