Hello, everyone.

There’s a lot to tell you about…. for starters, Cindy tells me the three new CDs I recorded this Spring - for Caregiver Stress, Healthy Immune System, and Allergies - are in the warehouse, so those of you who back-ordered, your guided imagery is on the way or already there.

Our big news, is that the new version of the commercial side of our HealthJourneys site has launched, in a design to parallel the blog.  Please play around with it and let us know how you find it.  I confess, I’m dazzled by its looks, but also deeply in love with its organization and substance (not just a pretty face).

We’ll be tweaking and fixing random glitches as we find them.  These launches are never quite as smooth as you want them to be, but hopefully you’ll find things easier to negotiate, now that we have a separate commercial side, where you can pop in, buy something and leave quickly; and a blog side with decades o’ data,  archived and organized so you can (we hope) find things easily.  Please let us know if anything leaves you dazed and confused, and we’ll try to fix it.

We’ve been getting a lot of queries about where I’m speaking this year – I took time off the road to get some projects done - but we now have a few events posted on the Calendar.   

It includes 2 new 9-CE workshop for The ConferenceWorks! called Gifts of the Imagination: Surviving and Thriving Beyond Cancer. One will be in Chicago on October 9-11; and the other in Alexandria VA on Nov 6-8.  This will be for anyone touched by cancer - patients, survivors in remission, relatives, friends and professional caregivers, including docs, nurses, social workers, pastors, counselors, psychologists, massage therapists, marriage & family therapists, PT, OT, Art therapists, coaches, etc.  

The weekend will feature how to use guided imagery for healing and boosting immune function; for promoting emotional resilience and stress resistance; for coping with treatment and the frequent side effects of fatigue, pain, nausea & depression; for support for the rigors of personal or professional caregiving; and for help dealing with the big questions of life and death.  It will also offer numerous guided imagery practice pointers and tips, and I’ll be doing several demonstrations of imagery exercises.  To see the whole brochure, click here or call 800-395-8445.

And finally, we’ve been fiddling around with Youtube, which is kind of counter-intuitive, being as how guided imagery works best with your eyes closed.  But we’d videotaped a workshop I’d given for The Gathering Place  here in Cleveland, and we were encouraged to break it up into 10-minute Youtube segments, to introduce imagery to people who never heard of it.

After posting this de-stressing video segment from the workshop – it’s a variation of the Relaxation & Wellness imagery - we came across all sorts of unexpected segments from old interviews.  Who knew?  There’s a funny segment explaining the benefits of guided imagery to Dr. Norm Shealy, in his Medical Renaissance video and, I don’t remember this, but evidently, a few years ago, I got into a rant about our culture’s dysfunctional obsession with weight with the awesome Regina Meredith of Conscious Media Network here, as an intro to how to use imagery for weight loss.  

Okay, enough about me.  Keep telling us about you.  Any and all comments welcome.

All best,