Hello, everyone.  We’re very happy the new catalog is getting such an enthusiastic response. We’re very pumped over the new choices ourselves. – this is probably the best collection we’ve ever pulled together.  If you haven’t seen it yet, or if, in your greenness, (which we applaud) you don’t get a print copy, you can check it out online by clicking here.

There are also some really wonderful new books out that don’t qualify for our catalog – we pretty much stick to our experiential media niche – but very much deserve a shout-out here.


For instance, Someone I Love Is Sick: Helping Young Children Cope with Cancer in the Family by Kathleen McCue is just a terrific book for kids in families affected by cancer.  Child life specialist McCue knows whereof she writes – she addresses every stage of the cancer journey, including diagnosis, treatment, hospitalization, recurrence or death. And because it’s a cleverly designed looseleaf, with sturdy, fetchingly drawn pages that you can assemble or exclude, it’s flexible enough to fit any situation.  Any kid from 2-6 will benefit enormously, not to mention their weary parents, who may have been rendered inarticulate from hard times and their own fears and worries.  This treasure of a book provides a wise, supportive, sensitive platform for real communication, at whatever level the family is ready for.  For more info or to order, please click here: http://www.someoneiloveissick.com.

Another gem for kids is What’s the Matter with Henry? - The True Tale of a Three-Legged Cat by Cathy Conheim & BJ Gallagher. This is an enchanting hardcover about a kitty with a disability and the dog-centric humans who learned to love and admire him.  It’s beautifully rendered with delightful photographs and charming writing, and the lessons learned about prejudice and overcoming obstacles are all the easier for kids to grasp for having this adorable-cat metaphor.  Click on www.henrysworld.org for more about Henry and how to order.

And I also must give an enthusiastic plug to Patience Mason, wife of a Vietnam veteran who came back home deeply troubled, difficult to live with and soon-to-become substance addicted.  Patience wrote a fabulous book about the experience of living with PTSD, describing all the changes she had to make in order to propel her family back toward wholeness.  It’s called Recovering from the War: A Guide for All Veterans, Family Members, Friends & Therapists (with a riveting intro by this very same husband, Robert Mason). Patience tells it like it is, and wonderfully well at that - this book is a treasure of wisdom and support – for everyone in the family.  You can find it here and her blog is here.  So, if you’re staring at your newly returned OIF/OEF honey and wondering “Who is this person and what am I doing with him/her??”, do get the book.

OK, that’s all I’ve got to say for now.

Take care & be well,

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