So, hello again.

Cindy tells me that our new Summer/Fall Catalog is in the mail, so unless you’ve told us you’re on a no-paper diet, you’ll be seeing it in your mailbox over the next week or so. 

We’re pretty happy with the new resources in it.  I may as well mention a few here. Many of you already know we’re forever being asked to carry more imagery made specifically for teenagers.  Last year we really scored with Shambala Self Esteem for Teens by Mellisa Dormoy – people just loved it.  So now we’re adding her Shambala Stress Management for Teens CD, with its calming, empowering combination of guided meditations and affirmations that target adolescent angst with her perfect sensitivity and pitch.

And while I’ve always been a big fan of Bodhipaksa’s work, I think this time he just totally knocked it out of the park with a brand-new Mindfulness Meditations for Teens CD. He has this straightforward, direct, adolescent-friendly way of explaining mindfulness to kids, and his seven brief exercises on this program are just terrific - everything from relaxing quickly to taking one thing at a time.  These guided meditations are just long enough to be effective, but not so lengthy that you lose the kid. (Truth be told, these would work just fine with most full-fledged adults, too.)

Similarly, we're regularly asked about help for dealing with pain. So imagine my delight when we discovered Pain Relief, a new CD by none other than guided imagery mavin, pioneer and uber-trainer, Marty Rossman, co-founder with David Bresler of The Academy for Guided Imagery. It includes a track called Dialogue with Pain that I especially appreciate, because it incorporates many elements of Interactive Guided Imagery in the narrative. This imagery is also perfect for when you want to listen to a clear, calm, gentle, pleasing voice, without music or environmental sounds.

I’ve just been told that Priscilla Warner’s bestselling (and rightly so) new book, Learning to Breathe, is coming out in paperback on May 1st.  For anyone who suffers from panic attacks or anxiety – this is a must-read!  .. so useful, hopeful, clarifying, reassuring, while at the same time being super-readable and funny, too. Check it out and pre-order if you haven’t already.

You know, it really must be spring. This week alone I was told of 3 different happy deliveries of Health Journeys babies, where credit was given (whether justifiably or not, we don’t know, because we still don’t have research data on this) to Help with Fertility and then Pregnancy & Childbirth.  We love those stories, and we posted one of them on our Inspiring Story page this week.

Okay, take care and be well.

All best,