New, Free App Means Easy Downloading of HJ Audios to iPhones, iPods, iPads!

Please listen up, long-suffering iPeople! We have heard your pain. The Cavalry is here!

You can now download our guided imagery audios directly to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod, thanks to our new free app. 

Truly, Cheryl, Maggie and Elizabeth have shared your pain. They’re the ones who’ve been answering dozens of calls each day from baffled people asking how to get our downloads into their Apple devices. The answer involved a multi-step process that was a pain in the tush for all concerned.  

Sometimes callers would just throw their hands up and go to iTunes for our audios. The problem is not everything in our library is there. 

So at last, we’ve got a simple, easy solution for this!

From now on, when you order one of our downloads, we’ll send you the link to our spiffy, new app – a free, top-of-the-line, Apple-style player, that lets you download our guided imagery in a trice.

If you want simple, step-by-step directions, we’ve got that for you, too. Copying and pasting is an important part of the process - if you aren't aware how, here's a quick guide.

Suffice it to say, this sweet app plays beautifully, with exceptional sound quality. It allows you to keep, organize and play your HJ guided imagery collection. You can scroll through your picks and immediately access the segments you want. It’s as smooth, fast and clean as any Apple or MP3 player you’ve ever known and loved.

Other cool features of this player:

  • It consumes no bandwidth once your tracks are downloaded.
  • If your order consists of more than one title, you can go to the ‘all tracks’ listing and download everything at once - easy-peasy, quick and breezy!!
  • It comes with a timer that can turn the player off whenever you like; it can also wake you or alert you at the time you choose.
  • A flexible repeat button allows you to manually re-play the audio mid-track, post-track or at the end of the program.

So, yes, hallelujah and hippety-do-dah! To all the folks we aggravated or sent away, gnashing their teeth and muttering under their breath, please forgive us! Come on back and give it another try!

By the way, if you've previously purchased MP3 downloads from our website and would like to add them to the app, please email your confirmation number and a request for a password refresh to [email protected]. Our staff will generate new password emails as quickly as possible.

And, as always, we welcome your feedback – all of which will go into future versions of the app.

All best and happy listening,

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