Well, hooray!  So, finally, after many false starts and unfortunate blips, most of them involving my windpipe, NE Ohio allergies and some wacko travel schedules, our new guided imagery recording for Concentration, Focus and Learning (Including ADD, ADHD & LD) is on its way to being finished - in the can, as our irreplaceable sound engineer, Bruce Gigax of Audio Recording Studios would say.
I just heard the narrative with the music in a nearly complete mix at the studio yesterday, and was delighted with how well it sounded.  And, as usual, the amazing Bruce worked wonders with my aging vocal chords.   He keeps acquiring more and more exotic software for smoothing and rounding out my voice, removing sibilance and scratchiness, and equalizing the volume.  I don’t know how he stands such dreary, boring, endless work – but, he does and wow, is he good!

This upcoming audio program is designed for adults and teens who struggle with difficulty concentrating and maintaining focus; but also for people who do fine with all of that, but want to improve further, and really hone in and cohere their energy, drive and focus toward achieving a goal.  It’s perfect for high school and college students, too.

The imagery works to help increase their ability to concentrate and complete tasks; ramp up organized planning for greater efficiency and effectiveness; boost capacity for patience, calm and inner quiet; and enhance self-esteem and feelings of mastery.

If you’re interested in pre-ordering this imagery, which should be completed by mid-November, click here and you’ll be the first to know.
All best and happy fall,