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New Guided Imagery Titles

  1. Our New, Improved, Mobile-Friendly Website is Here!

    Our New, Improved, Mobile-Friendly Website is Here!

    Hello again.

    Well, it’s here - our new website has launched at last. Please check it out when you have a chance, and tell us what you like and don’t like about it.

    Cindy and the team have been working hard on this for a while now, part of our new, integrated approach to distributing our digital resources in the most effective and efficient way.
    What we’re hoping you’ll find now is a quicker, easier way to get around and find what you’re looking for.

    The new site is mobile-friendly, and will automatically size to the screen you’re using, whether that’s a phone, iPad, laptop or desktop.

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  2. Dr. Traci Stein Discusses Tools for Creating Positive Change

    Dr. Traci Stein Discusses Tools for Creating Positive Change

    Happy Earth Day, and Happy Spring to all! I am grateful for Spring’s arrival for a number of reasons.  Spring provides us with a much-needed break from what has been a very long, cold winter in much of the country. Symbolically, Spring represents new life, growth and positive change on so many levels after having shed whatever Nature deemed necessary during Fall. It also ushers in longer, brighter days and a delight in being outside after the winter hibernation. Now, each tiny seedling sprouting forth from the earth invites us to appreciate the beauty and change all around us.

    Spring also is a time for personal housekeeping and sprucing things up – both literally and metaphorically. Sometimes this means taking stock of where we are with regard to relationships, old patterns, our health, and how we spend the bulk of our time. We can then lovingly tend to what needs nurturing, prune what belongs in the past, and sow the seeds of the changes we desire.

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  3. New Audio Helps Kick Bad Habits and Make Positive Changes

    New Audio Helps Kick Bad Habits and Make Positive Changes

    A compilation of sources suggests the most common bad habit is snacking (which people define as mindless over-eating, not to feed hunger but simply a habitual action) followed by the tic-like habits, such as nail-biting, knuckle-cracking, leg-jiggling and gum-snapping.  According to sources like Prevention, WebMD, and Healthy Living Magazine, the most common bad health habits are smoking, substance abuse, over-eating and sitting for long periods (is sitting a habit?-maybe if it’s coupled with number 5, watching too much TV). Of the most common financial bad habits, over-spending (shopping addiction) was clearly the winner. Failure to pay bills (deal with financial issues) on time came in second.

    Several sources, reported on the most common workplace habits that can sabotage a career. Topping that list is habitual tardiness, fidgeting, noisy eating (this one surprised me but it might also refer to snacking) and the use of “Um or ah” during conversation.

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  4. HJ Staffers Buzzing About Belleruth’s New Audio Program.

    HJ Staffers Buzzing About Belleruth’s New Audio Program.

    The excitement at Health Journeys lately is all about the newest guided imagery program, titled A Guided Meditation to Help with Concentration, Focus & Learning (Including ADD, ADHD & LD) by Belleruth Naparstek. As each of us finished listening to the program for the first time, we used one word to describe it. Awesome!

    That, in itself, is amazing, because we are blessed to be involved with so many truly wonderful guided imagery programs at all times, we are a hard bunch to impress. We were blown away by this program from the first strains of Steven Kohn’s ethereal music, to the gentle imagery, progressive relaxation and the affirmations, which seemed to be speaking specifically to each of us, though we are a vastly diverse group, in terms of our goals, aspirations and foibles. This was an amazing experience for us and we are excited about providing it to the many who have requested this program, those who are on our pre-order list and everyone who could benefit from it.

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  5. Tell us what you think...

    Tell us what you think...

    It may seem an open ended phrase, but it’s time to gather up some new submissions for potential use in our catalog and website. Ideally, I would love to know what topics you are looking for in an audio program, or an author’s name / title of a program you’ve heard and adore.  We have gotten quite a few leads for programs from past emails and comments that our customers have sent, so I thought this is where I should start my search.  Please post below any information you have so I can find specific programs. For those of you who are more creative, if you have made a program that you think is a fit for our catalog (and it is professionally produced) - please feel free to send a non-returnable demonstration copy to our warehouse address for evaluation. 

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  6. Our New Guided Imagery Catalog is on the Way

    Our New Guided Imagery Catalog is on the Way

    A little excitement for a Monday morning, here at HJ. We got our first look at the new Summer 2013 Health Journeys catalog. Wow, so many new things and tried and true things. So much to look at, beginning with Dr. Traci Stein’s new Guided Self Hypnosis to Help Free Yourself from Procrastination. Also new at HJ: Dr. Stuart McCalley’s Overcoming Stress-Related Insomnia, Dr. Emmett Miller’s Inner Child Healing, Dr. Rubin Naiman’s The Yoga of Sleep and a beautiful music Cd by Chris Theriault, aptly named Relaxation and Recovery-just to name a few.

    When you get your new catalog, which you will and quite soon, take a look at all the new items for kids and teens.  For example, Mellisa Dormoy has three new titles for kids, guided imagery to help them deal with grief, anger and concentration. When I looked through the new catalog, I wanted to order one of everything, for myself, my friends, my so-deserving kids, even the person who cuts my hair. If you are not on our list, click here to order a catalog.

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  7. New Guided Imagery for Procrastination

    New Guided Imagery for Procrastination

    A new guided imagery title from Traci Stein PhD will be available February 15th. Guided Self Hypnosis to Free Yourself from Procrastination is available right now. The program is designed to help procrastinators put the most effective parts of the brain in the driver’s seat and develop the best strategies for getting things done.

    View this Health Journeys Title | Listen to Audio Samples

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