We had the fabulous Traci Stein in the studio, this time to record her excellent new audio for procrastination.  We’ve had so many requests for this topic over the years, and Traci’s new program is just spot-on.  

We continue to get enthusiastic feedback on the sound of her voice and the quality of her content - her Self-Esteem audios continue to sell through the roof.  And if anything, she sounded even better on this one. So stay tuned. I’ll be letting you know when the new title is edited, mixed, packaged and good to go. (I’ll forego the dumb jokes on how we’re not going to procrastinate on this…)

And we’re pretty psyched about our seasonal holiday and new year’s gift specials.  There’s a $15 savings on our Relax & Re-New Year’s Gift Pack. A festive gift bag holds Relaxing Through the Seasons by the one and only Joan Borysenko, who assists the most reluctant meditator with abdominal breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, mantra meditation and imagery; along with our ever-popular, super-effective imagery for Healthful Sleep; plus one of the softest, most effective Sleep Masks ever made, and our soothing, calming Lavender Candle.

There’s a $12 savings on the Teen Tension Tamer Kit. The colorful designer tote box holds Bodhipaksa’s awesome Mindfulness Meditations for Teens, offering 7 perfect, brief guided exercises for older kids, along with clear explanations of why mindfulness is such a great skill for an adolescent to have – this is really terrific program.  Plus there’s a perfectly sized, microwavable or freezable pillow for relieving achy adolescent computer necks, stomach cramps or sports-injured limbs; and potent, stress-relieving aromatherapy in the form of our very popular Stress Less Beads.  This combo will bring a smile to even the tensest, surliest, most overwhelmed kid you know!

And the Bedtime Bundle combines the incomparable Dr. Rox’s enchanting kiddie imagery, Good Night, to help your favorite little squeezer slip into deep, soothing, restful sleep, along with Karen Koval’s enchanting Little Heartbeat Pillow, which can be microwaved and aromatherapy-scented to provide a warm nexus of comfort.  It’s all nestled into a beautiful, holiday gift bag. 

And I see that Cindy also threw in an automatic bonus for any orders over $99: an adorable little felt holiday stocking, perfectly sized for the lavender aromatherapy beads that come with it, along with our uber-popular De-Stress CD (very similar to the imagery side found on Relaxation & Wellness).  

These are gifts that keep on giving – to grown-ups, kids and those hovering in between.  Enjoy and be well!

All best,