New Hypnosis Downloads for Creating a Satisfying Love Relationship

shirley-mcnealHello and happy new year, everyone!

In honor of 2015, I want to tell you about some new downloads that clinical psychologist and ace hypnotherapist Dr. Shirley McNeal has produced for us, to help people prepare for, find and sustain a satisfying love relationship.

These three separate, sequential hypnotic programs are especially geared for people who've had disappointing relationships in the past, who want to establish a better, stronger, more loving and lasting relationship in the future.

Shirley is a psychotherapist who specializes in self-esteem and anxiety related issues, and is an award-winning (2003 Milton H. Erickson Award for Scientific Excellence) expert at helping people examine their patterns and change their behavior, thanks to the removed, safe perspective of a light, hypnotic trance state.

Repeated listening offers cumulative learning and change in subtle, yet powerful and observable ways. You'll hear her hypnotic patter and slip right into the mind space that allows you to shift attitudes and behaviors to reach long-held goals. The narrative is open-ended enough to apply to anyone, yet focused and directed enough to drive individual progress. Her immersive delivery ensures a light but effective trance state for getting the job done.

7805bThe first audio in the series is called Preparing for a Satisfying Love Relationship . It's designed to create the conditions for breaking the old patterns that got in the way of a strong and loving relationship, and forge new ground for creating something better for the future. The heart is readied for a new way of connecting, with hypnotic guidance that gently encourages the listener to explore and question the old ways, and consider opening up to the new.

The second program in the sequence, once sufficient work with the first is complete (and this may take days, weeks or even months, depending on the emotional readiness of the listener) is Finding a Satisfying Love Relationship. Again, the gentle but compelling hypnotic voice, gently and wisely guides the listener to explore the issues and triggers that can arise when searching for a loving partner, leaving room for individual answers in the nonjudgmental safety of the light trance state. Booby traps and patterns from the past can be considered and set aside for healthier, more satisfying choices.

And finally, Maintaining a Satisfying Love Relationship follows naturally from the second audio program on finding a satisfying partner. The listener is helped to explore all the areas that can interfere with sustaining a healthy, vibrant, loving relationship over time. By using the detached altered state of hypnosis to provide distance and perspective, people can non-judgmentally explore how they can succeed, where, in past relationships, they may have encountered roadblocks.

In some ways, this provides an opportunity to accomplish what people generally get from psychotherapy, only the therapist is the listener's own higher, wiser and kinder self, thanks to the compassionate, wider perspective afforded by the hypnotic trance state.

Check out the sound samples and see for yourself if you think this could add value to your own goals for yourself or for your clients.

2134bYou may want to use Shirley's terrific approach along with the guided imagery I created for help with Successful Relationships, as a therapeutic, one-two punch that can reverse a self-defeating cycle that it's time to ditch.

And with that, I wish you a glorious 2015!!

All best,

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