We’re very excited about our two new Mind-Body Allergy Combos, because they combine Dr. Carol Ginandes’ brilliant, targeted hypnosis CD set Relieve Allergy, Reduce Reactivity, with my new guided imagery, Reduce & Control Allergies  – a title we just released this Spring – along with our General Wellness imagery for overall healing.

It’s a powerful combination, and, between the two of these, should help a lot of allergy sufferers. And for people who get asthma from their allergies, we have an alternate kit, the Mind-Body Allergy Combo for Asthma, which also includes our popular imagery CD, Relieve Asthma.

If you’re suffering from your allergies or want to see if you can reduce the amount of medication you’re taking for them, you may want to give one of these kits a try. There’s a nice cost savings – normally retailing for $66, this special combo is priced at $47.  

Well, so registration is starting to fill up for the Gifts of the Imagination: Guided Imagery for Surviving and Thriving beyond Cancer workshops in Chicago and Alexandra, VA, for cancer patients, cancer survivors, family, friends and oncology professionals.  The Chicago workshop is Oct 9-11, and the Alexandria weekend is Nov 6-8.  You can get a full description and register at the Conferenceworks website here.

Other workshops and keynotes I’ll be doing can be found on our events page.

That’s it for now.  Take care and be well!
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