Hello, everyone.

Two new studies – possibly three – have been funded and are being launched to study the impact of guided imagery on sleep disturbances and insomnia. If the data reflects the feedback we’ve been getting, these studies should produce some awesome outcomes. Time will tell.  (Actually, in recent years we’ve noticed that more people order our Healthful Sleep imagery than anything else, outselling even our popular Weight Loss CD. ) 

I want to take a minute to commend Kaiser Permanente for offering free guided imagery to its members. Currently KP lets members download imagery for Chemotherapy, Radiation, Surgery, Healthful Sleep, Weight Loss, Pain, Cancer, Pregnancy & Childbirth and Menopause. Kaiser was the first HMO to use and recommend our imagery, way back in 1991, and they continue to lead the field by creating web based tools for their members to use. Many kudos to David Sobel MD  and Harley Goldberg DO  for making this happen.

Same with Blue Shield of California, the company that private labeled several of our CDs and conducted blockbuster research on the efficacy of imagery for surgery patients, not to mention the cost savings for the HMO.  In these days of mistrust of many insurance carriers, it’s good to see the work that these two companies have done, combining smart management with compassionate patient care.

Another shout out goes to the Mayo Clinic, which has been distributing gobs of our guided imagery CDs to patients, as well as doing a bang up job of informing the public about guided imagery’s benefits, by way of their excellent web pages.

We also want to commend Bethesda Naval Hospital, where guided imagery is being successfully used in conjunction with biofeedback for traumatized troops recently returned from Iraq and Afghanistan, challenged by pain, traumatic brain injury and posttraumatic stress.

One more reminder:  I’m looking forward to seeing many of you in Chicago in a few weeks. On October 10-11, I’ll be presenting a 9-CE hour workshop on Gifts of the Imagination: Surviving and Thriving beyond Cancer.  It’s for patients, survivors in remission, health professionals, friends & family.  

I’ll be discussing how to use guided imagery to assist with healing and boosting immune function; for promoting emotional resilience and stress resistance; for coping with treatment and the frequent side effects of fatigue, pain, nausea, anxiety & depression; for support for the rigors of care-giving; and for dealing with the big questions of life and death. The workshop offers numerous practice pointers and tips; and many, many samples of practical, useful and powerful guided imagery. I’ll also have a lot of exciting, new research to cite, about which I’m very happy.

I’ll be offering it in the Washington D.C. area as well (Nov 7-8). As usual, The ConferenceWorks offers a serious discount to anyone enrolled in our professional program. You can learn more by clicking here or emailing here or calling them at 800.395.8445.

OK, take care and be well.

All best,