Combine Guided Imagery with Your Plans for Lifestyle Changes in 2015

We get such good ideas from you. We noticed some of you have been ordering Traci Stein's Creating Positive Change, along with audio programs like Belleruth's Weight Loss and Stop Smoking. What a great plan for change in the coming year!

No matter what change you would like to make, or what steps you take to achieve the desired results, adding Creating Positive Change to your repertoire serves to enhance your efforts. The audio program consists of one power-packed CD, with an audio track for use while you are awake, an affirmations track and a track to use during sleep.

Another great addition to your plans for positive change is Traci Stein's free report, Kicking the Habit: The Ten Keys to Positive Change. The report contains step-by-step instructions to help break even entrenched habits.

For example, she encourages us to make a list of the reasons we want to change and the reasons why we don't. "It's helpful to write the pros and cons down for either option, because in all likelihood, even if a significant part of us desires change, there may be another part that fears giving up whatever seems good about the habit," she states, "and understanding what's getting in the way of making a change is an important step in the process of actually changing.

Whether you prefer to use the printed report, the audio program or both, you will have at your disposal numerous tools to help you reach your goal. The techniques in Traci Stein's toolbox are beneficial for making lifestyle changes and they can also help people deal with specific conditions, such as high blood pressure or diabetes by assisting in maintaining special diets, dealing with stress and getting adequate exercise and sleep.

No matter which program you choose to help you get the desired results, guided imagery can give you a boost and provide the relaxation and stress-relief you need to help you stick to your plans for change.

"Guided imagery and hypnosis are wonderful tools with considerable research support for their ability to enhance confidence, decrease distress, and assist with creating positive change. We know from recent studies that hypnotically imagining something activates the brain in ways that are similar to actually doing it. We also know that this effect is qualitatively different from casually imagining or daydreaming."—Traci Stein.

Let us know what works for you. Sharing information about your success might be just the thing someone needs to hear.

As always, we love hearing from you.