My sister Debbie was told by her OBGYN that her baby was too big for a vaginal delivery and to get mentally prepared for a C-section. She was overwrought, as, for better or worse, she had set her heart on a standard delivery.

Very quickly she got extremely fearful about what lay ahead. Instead of her usual, high-energy, enthusiastic personality, she was withdrawn and depressed. I did not recognize my sister!  Weeks earlier, she was on top of the world!

On a hunch, I got her the guided imagery for pregnancy and delivery. Pardon the pun, but it was just what the doctor ordered. She listened devotedly, once or twice a day.  I saw the change right away.  I can honestly say it turned her whole attitude back around. She regained her belief in her own body and her old Can-Do confidence in herself re-emerged. She was smiling and happy again.  This is not an exaggeration but a straight report.  That CD hit her sweet spot – that is the best way I can relate this.

To everyone’s surprise, she asked around and found a beloved group of midwives who were willing to give her a chance at a vaginal delivery.  She then fired the OBGYN, trading him in for the group of midwives. After finding the midwives, I think she felt OK about either outcome.  No matter how this baby was going to be born, she was her old self. She was in great spirits again.

Five weeks later, she gave birth to a beautiful, ten pound, 6 ounce baby girl – without a C-section, in only nine hours of labor, which is not all that much for a first baby.   It went without a hitch.  We cheered and wept for joy.

I am very, very pleased with myself for giving her that CD.  I thought you’d like to know.

Debbie’s Favorite (and Only) Sister