Northwell Nurses Got Talent! Watch These 9 Minutes for a Mega-Dose of Uplift…

We'd love watching this group of nurses kill it on America's Got Talent no matter what, they're so inspiring and full of energy and fun. But the fact that they're from Northwell Health, the forward-thinking hospital system that uses 3 different Health Journeys guided imagery streaming pages to dispense resilience and mental health to patients and staff alike?? Well, that's just the best.

Emily Marvin, Health Journeys’ social worker and outreach coordinator, has a special relationship with the awesome people at Northwell, and was beside herself when she realized they were on stage for America’s Got Talent. She says:

“As I sat on my couch watching America's Got Talent, they announced the next act: a choir comprised of just a handful of nurses who’d been fighting on the front lines during this pandemic.  When I realized they were from Northwell Health, I was just flabbergasted. My jaw dropped.  

When they starting to sing "Stand by Me" I got chills and tears in my eyes. They are the true Heroes of this pandemic.”

We learned that The Northwell Health Nurse Choir – a much larger group than the 18 singers on stage who were representing them - came together to help themselves and each other stay strong and resilient in the face of the terrible, nonstop suffering and losses they were dealing with, day after day, week after week, month after month.

The choral singing and dancing lifted their spirits, increased their commitment to themselves and each other, and kept them going – not to mention helped everyone around them. Their resilience was contagious and “infected” the whole hospital!

Emily says she was so profoundly moved by their choice of song because these nurses had themselves stood by so many hundreds of patients and families – initially perfect strangers to them - and became their families as they battled COVID together.  

 “I'm so deeply grateful that we could provide calming, restorative, healing guided imagery to these heroic personnel and their struggling patients when they needed it most. And when I saw them on stage, totally killing it with their joyful rendition of Stand by Me", I felt the magnitude of our ties to them."

Health Journeys partnered with Northwell Health to create 3 separate streaming pages. These pages: Successful Surgery, Help Fight Cancer and Support Fertility are available 24/7 to provide on demand support to their patients, much like the nurses themselves. We do this for scores of hospitals and health plans and even private practitioners who want to add cost effective, powerful mind-body resources as a force multiplier to accelerate their patients’ healing and growth.

What can we say? A partnership with Health Journeys extends well beyond our products. Our team becomes your team.

Emily says, “No wonder we love what we do!  We have the honor and joy of working with amazing, inspiring people like the Northwell Health Nurses Choir.”

Have you seen the video yet? Well, if you want to get infected with a little uplift and joy, just click play.


Emily Marvin - LSW, MSSA, CDP
 Health Journeys Social Worker, Outreach Coordinator