Well, our new catalog is hot off the press. In it you’ll find many stellar, new goodies, some of which I’ll describe to you here in some detail.. Hello!
Well, our new catalog is hot off the press. In it you’ll find many stellar, new goodies, some of which I’ll describe here:
  • There’s the awesome Detox Box a very effective cleansing/weight reduction program developed by Mark Hyman, MD, (of Canyon Ranch fame), with the first-rate help of that impeccable producer whose work we so admire, Susan Piver. You answer a questionnaire and then follow step-by-step behavioral, nutritional and yoga suggestions for daily use. It’s all clearly explained in the booklet, 2 CDs and 70 carefully sequenced instruction cards, and the materials are as exquisite as they are effective. One of my sons went on the program and in weeks he was feeling great, awash in juicy, focused neurohormones, bursting with energy and looking downright buff. This may have been his first experience with washboard abs, I’m not sure.

  • After years of being asked for a CD version of the intuition exercises in my second book, Your Sixth Sense: Unlocking the Power of Your Intuition, we finally got permission from Harper Audio. Now Unlocking Intuition is in the warehouse.

  • For a very long time you’ve been asking us to offer something for the devastation of being laid off and unemployed. Finally we’ve found the Job Loss Recovery Program by Lynn Joseph, PhD - a terrific, 6-session guided imagery CD program. The imagery-based exercises are beautifully designed to help overcome the stress, grief, and anger of job loss; and to improve interview performance, boost confidence, & engender a positive attitude for finding a new job. These superb materials will help a person move on in the best possible way, and they make a great gift for any friend or spouse who’s struggling mightily with the confusion, identity loss and demoralization of unemployment.

  • We also have two delicious new CDs for the very littlest ones that will knock your baby’s booties off. Raymond Lap’s Lovely Baby CD fuses classical and jazz instrumentals with natural sounds and appealing, adorable, slightly goofy cooing baby vocals. I tested it out on my 19 month old grandson, and he totally loved it, started dancing around on his fat little legs. And better yet, I liked it too, so it didn’t drive me crazy (the way the sound of Elmo’s laugh will, upon the fifth playing..). Au contraire, this music wears really well. We’re also told it optimizes brain development and helps build baby skills, while creating a peaceful, loving and soothing home environment. And better yet, there’s Lovely, Sleepy Baby, designed to create more of that precious commodity, SLEEP, for both baby and the rest of the household. What could be better?

  • Also in the new catalog is Simply Successful Surgery, a wise and comprehensive new book with everything you need to know to get ready for surgery by Linda Voyles, RN. It covers what to eat, how to use imagery, making your home ready for maximum recovery, navigating through the medical system - you name it. Practical, smart and useful, it’s an ideal accompaniment to our research-proven Successful Surgery audio program.

  • And here’s another we’ve been asked for again and again: imagery for Relieving Dental Anxiety - a daunting issue for more people than you could throw a stick at. Bruce Peltier PhD has a calming voice, natural approach and trustworthy style, and his super-skillful self-hypnosis audio program returns a sense of mastery, confidence and control to anyone who suffers from fear and loathing of the dentists’ chair. So be at ease and get your teeth cleaned with Bruce!

  • We also have more from our popular sports coach and guru, Jack Singer, PhD. His Accelerated Sports Healing uses his masterful techniques of deep relaxation, healing imagery and positive affirmations to promote a more rapid recovery from sports injury. Check out this highly effective program from a master of sports meditation. (It works really well with Carol GinandesRapid Recovery from Injury).

  • Jack Singer also produced a fine accompaniment, Advanced Sports Pain Management, a double CD set filled with relaxation, positive imagery and positive self-talk to help maintain optimism, attitude and performance under challenging pain conditions. So for you macho types who insist on playing through pain, this solid, effective program is for you. The first CD is mostly relaxation; the second uses hypnosis to numb or freeze discomfort.

  • We now have more imagery to help with sexual issues, I’m delighted to say. Lasting Longer: End Premature Ejaculation is a double CD set by Drs. Lonnie Barbach and Joel Block, two pre-eminent sex therapists. The first CD starts with the comfortable and straight-talking Joel Block, who does a great job discussing rapid ejaculation. He offers good, practical, effective advice, and in a way that totally de-isolates and relaxes the listener. The second CD is with Lonnie Barbach, who provides a soothing, guided meditation exercise.

  • And finally, we have Maintaining Pleasure: End Erectile Dysfunction, also by Drs. Barbach and Block. Again, this double CD set offers a proven method of several effective techniques and plenty of good, solid, proven advice. I especially appreciate the lovely, comforting, unintimidating way these two have of discussing and healing this issue

So, when you have a minute, take a look around in the catalog. Our new search features should allow you to find topics or titles you seek very quickly. Let us know if you have any trouble finding something.

All best,