OK, Folks,
I decided to start blogging on Huffington Post about the value of imagery and other evidence-based, inexpensive, user-friendly therapies for troops coming home with posttraumatic stress.

This information needs to get to the hundreds – no, thousands - of soldiers who need it, but it’ll be months before this data will be published.

So without giving away details that are proprietary to the research process, I’m blabbing about the bottom line: what we can see works to make a big dent on PTSD symptoms.  So far, we know selected guided imagery does, along with a technique called Healing Touch.  Other promising tools are out there, too – biofeedback, Reiki, Massage Therapy, acupressure and more.  I plan to keep writing about these methods, to whatever extent I can.

If you are so moved, please check out the blog, sign in, and post any comments, reactions or thoughts you have about it, pro or con.  Pass it on to friends, family or organizations that could use this info.  It will help people with PTSD, and it needs to be seen.

OK, so I’ll get off my soapbox…. for now, anyway.

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Okay, take care and be well!
All best,