Cindy informs me that we can begin taking pre-orders for Traci Stein’s fabulous new recording for Creating Positive Change.  MP3’s should be ready by mid-April (maybe sooner) and a packaged hard copy CD will be in the warehouse by the end of the month (or sooner).

This is yet another terrific hypnosis/guided imagery audio from Traci - this one to help people get unstuck from old patterns and ingrained behaviors that maybe once served some purpose, but are no longer so functional.  And who doesn’t need help with that??

I went down to the studio last week, so Bruce Gigax, our awesome sound engineer, at the eponymously named Audio Recording Studios, could play me the finished mix.  It sounded sensational and the content is, not surprisingly, just primo.
Traci’s other titles have been hugely popular, so we’ve got no reason to think that this one won’t be flying out of here too.  It has a superb, psychologically sophisticated, emotionally attuned narrative, embedded in Traci’s highly skilled hypnotic technique, and her voice is just wonderful for this kind of immersive listening.   So check out the sound sample, here.

Yesterday was the last day of the Cleveland International Film Festival, a truly wonderful 10 days, where I do my best to feed my 5-6 flick-a-day habit.  It’s a little like being on a theme cruise with dotty, like-minded aficionados, who are always trading tips on what to go to next and what to avoid, all the while arguing likes and dislikes (One person – a perfect stranger - said to me with mock horror, “You liked that movie?? OMG, I’ve just lost all respect for you!!’”)

In any case, I’m still pondering the sweetest and most touching thing that happened on that last day.  CIFF runs this challenge grant promotion, to raise money for the following year. I kept meaning to write a check all week, but the lines were always so long, I didn’t get to it ‘til the last day.  

A lovely volunteer behind the desk took my check and handed me a very fat stack of raffle tickets to fill out with my name, address, email and phone number, for the final  drawing for prizes - some of them pretty sweet.  

But I knew I wouldn’t have time to fill all that out – I had people to meet right after the last film, and I hadn’t brought any address labels with me, which is the only way to fill out that many tickets.  So I told her, it’s fine, forget about it.

She said if she had any spare time between visitors to the booth, she’d try and fill them out for me, copying the info from my check.  I told her really, that was above and beyond, but thanks for the offer.

When I got out of my movie, she somehow spotted me (it was a mob scene) and came out from behind her desk to hand me a full stack of filled out raffle tickets – maybe 30 of them? – all in the most beautiful, neat handwriting.  

My jaw dropped and I thanked her, astounded at her generosity with her time (and her wrist).

She said very simply “Fifteen years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and your guided imagery got me through it.  You’re welcome.”

I was blown away.  Still am.  I didn’t get any emails or calls saying I won any of the raffles, but I feel like I got handed the best prize imaginable – altogether priceless.

All best,