Our spiffy new catalog is in the mail, and it’s got some wonderful new titles from some of your favorite practitioners, starting with 5 new CDs from the fabulous Ericksonian hypnotherapist/psychologist, David Illig .. Hello again.

Well, our spiffy new catalog is in the mail. You’ll get one soon if you haven’t already. The team worked hard on the new format and we hope you like it!

We’ve got some wonderful new CDs in there from some of your favorite practitioners, starting with 5 new titles by the fabulous Ericksonian hypnotherapist/psychologist, David Illig, whose work is simply extraordinary. We’ve added Change Your Metabolism , Concentration, Calm & Relaxed, Be Positive and Stop Smoking; and his affirmations CD for Weight Loss & Self Improvement. I’m psyched to have so many of this practitioner’s excellent titles on our list.

We also have a new video from Amy Weintraub. Her fantastic, new yoga DVD, Life Force Yoga to Beat the Blues ,is geared to awaken people out of depression, into creativity and joy (but you don’t have to be depressed to love it.)

We’ve already had a huge amount of interest in Jon Kabat-Zinn’s superb Guided Mindfulness Meditation, four CDs with user-friendly yet sophisticated instruction from the master of mindfulness himself, modeling presence and being in the moment, with his beautiful voice, timing and skill.

And the one and only Andy Weil is back with his classy, knowledgeable Mind-Body Toolkit, the perfect starter set for anyone wanting to sample different techniques with a reliable, trustworthy, surefooted guide, whose voice and presence are as appealing as his ubiquitous smile.

We also have Lovely Baby Classics from the musician with the gigundo baby and toddler fan club, the beloved, award-winning Belgian composer Raimond Lap. Here he weaves classic favorites from Bach, Mozart and other usual suspects, with those fetching, baby-cooing vocals that even a jaded adult can love.

KRS Edstrom brings us her usual impeccable guidance with her new Relax Mind & Body, teaching a compelling combination of mindfulness, acceptance and letting go. And we’re blessed (pun intended) to have Rev. Donna Schenk''s and Dr. Robert Miller''s new Tranquilities Series for Grief, combining Bible-based imagery, background hymn music, nature sounds and vials of high-quality aromatherapy oils.

You’ll love our brand new stars too. Hemalayaa’s Bollywood Dance Workout is nothing short of fantastic - possibly the most engaging and delightful dance workout around. And she’s funny and sassy and fun, too. Even my 3 year old grandson is captivated every time this video is played. Erin O’Brien is a funny, practical, pregnant goddess who teaches wonderful toning and cardio exercises to moms-to-be and their partners in her Prenatal Fitness Workout. And for yoga lovers who are looking for a little challenge, Shiva Rea’s Creative Core Abs helps you cultivate strength through hatha vinyassa yoga, with style and flair.

I’m particularly excited to bring Kelly Howell’s work on board, starting with her Guided Relaxation; Let Go of Stress . She ingeniously combines simple but powerful imagery, with relaxing, harmonic alpha brainwave frequencies and dreamy music. The net effect of her beautiful voice over awesome, Brain Sync technology is uniquely potent and effective. I suspect we’ll be seeing a lot more of her.

And last but not least, The Sleep Fairy is your dream come true - every sleepless parent’s answer to insomniac babies, toddlers with night terrors and kids who just have really bad sleep habits. This CD is really effective - tested by my highly discriminating niece and her (now) snoozing daughter.

So please enjoy these new titles, chosen with great care, and add what you need to your mind-body resource collection.

Take care and be well,