At the Houston workshop this past weekend I was delighted to meet several educators who were developing guided imagery programs for stressed-out kids at Texas middle schools… Hello again. I’m writing this letter on the plane, coming back from our Houston workshop - Balance of Power from the Inside Out: Imagery for Healing, Stress & Trauma - sponsored by The ConferenceWorks, The Association for Humanistic Psychology, Hay House and New Dimensions Radio. We found a sophisticated and enthusiastic audience of therapists, medical professionals, educators and lay people, and it was a delight to hang out with them and present this new material on imagery and trauma.

Having done this seminar 3 times now, I feel I’m getting the hang of what segments to leave in and what to edit out (I have way more than 9 hours worth of content), and the proportion of guided imagery experiences to offer. Next stop is Hyannis on Nov 1-2, and then Copper Mountain CO (Nov 22-23) and of course Santa Fe (Dec 6-7). If you want to sign up for one of the remaining three scheduled in 2003, click on call 888.517.7089.

At the Houston workshop there were an unusual number of teachers and educators who were developing various guided imagery programs in the middle schools. Evidently the kids are subject to so many make-or-break, state-wide tests, that they are in a state of chronic terror - [their teachers are beside themselves too] - so much so that several schools are now budgeting for stress reduction and guided imagery programs for the kids. They came to get ideas and resource suggestions to implement at their schools, and it was also a nice opportunity for them to do some networking with each other and share program ideas.

Resource suggestions for these burgeoning programs included: Imagery for Children and Teens by Ellen Curran; Maureen Murdock’s book, Spinning Inward; Betty Mehling’s CD, Magic Island; Roxanne Daleo’s MindWorks for Children audios for the younger kids; and several new videos and audios of yoga programs for kids, many of which can be found at (We’re looking into carrying some of those ourselves. Stay tuned!)

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And check out our newly featured Practitioner We Love, Esther Johnson, RN, a guided imagery expert and enthusiast who is venturing forth and leaving many exciting new imagery programs in her wake in her private practice group, at a local hospital and an area hospice. She is also teaching, training and inspiring many others.

Okay, take care and be well,