We’ve got a new weekly enews update that lets you see at a glance the new info that appears on our site each week... the latest research, clinical Q & A, audio spa treatment... Hello again, everyone. We’ve got a new feature!

As many of you know, we update five pages each week on our website. So, every Monday morning, there’s a new update letter from me, plus a new mind-body research abstract, hot off the press from some refereed journal or other; also a Q & A generated by one of you; an Inspiring Story that somebody tells or emails us; and a free Audio Spa "treatment" - several minutes of streamed imagery, hypnosis, breathwork, meditation or yoga that you can play and enjoy at your screen, 24/7.

When the week is up, it all gets archived, either by date (the update letter) or by subject matter (the other three text pages) in our searchable databases, so you can always find them later. Then, every couple of months or so, we add a new Practitioner We Love and Hot Program to our Clinician’s Corner as well. These get archived too.

We know that many of you check in every week to see what’s new or to avail yourselves of the new ‘spa treatment’. But a lot of you are just too busy, and mean to get around to it and just don’t. So now we have a new feature: for those of you who would like to quickly click on the audio spa, or have a quick look at what new piece of mind-body research has come down the pike, or whatever, we’re going to be sending a weekly update with a clear header on what’s doing on each of the new pages of the week. You can scan and delete this or click over to an item of interest. (This is in addition to our monthly ImageryNews, which has more in-depth and wide-ranging items on it.)

Of course, if you don’t want this much email, just let us know and we’ll unsubscribe you, for either the weekly or the monthly missive. Hopefully this will be useful, as opposed to a nuisance!

Take care and be well.