After this past weekend’s workshop in the New York area, I couldn’t help but notice how strongly I relate to the natives. There’s something in the Zeitgeist - an earthiness, an unsentimental kindness, and a smart-ass humor that I’m just crazy about..) Hello, all.

It was wonderful to be in East Brunswick, New Jersey, speaking about traumatic stress and the power of imagery and other right brain-based methods to heal it. (This was our weekend workshop entitled Breakthroughs in Healing Trauma: Success Through Guided Imagery and The New Therapies, sponsored by The ConferenceWorks! . Two more of these weekends are coming shortly, one in one in Oklahoma City (November 13-14) and one in the Washington DC area (November 20-21). You can register for either one at The ConferenceWorks! page, at .

The New Jersey group was receptive and warm, funny and raucous. (What is it about the New York area? There is something in the Zeitgeist - an earthiness, an unsentimental empathy and a smart-ass humor that I totally relate to..) This time, more than any other, we had mostly mental health professionals, but there were plenty of trauma survivors and healthcare folk attending as well. It was a wonderful group of nearly 300 people.

This month is National Breast Cancer Awareness month, and we’re honoring this with our special, Pink Ribbon Pack where we are not only discounting items more than usual, but contributing a percentage of what these packs earn to a prominent breast cancer organization that must remain nameless (their rules, not ours).

In addition, we have 3 catalog pages worth of special discounts online now, from various promotions currently happening. So do check our Special Offers page and, if you have time, check out all the new resources we’ve added since the last time you looked, over at our New Products page!

This week, I’ll be on the West Coast, first at the FACES conference on Healing and Treating Violence, Anger & Trauma in San Diego and then I’ll travel north to the Annual Academy for Guided Imagery Conference in Asilomar. You can find these events and more on our Calendar page at .

OK, that’s it for now.
Take care and be well!