We now have a terrific Job Loss Recovery Program (CDs and workbook) by Lynn Joseph PhD and Raymond Lap's sleep inducing Lovely, Sleepy Baby CD, an ingenious fusion of classical and jazz instrumentals with natural sounds and cooing baby vocals.. I’ve noticed that we’re getting multiple orders these days from the esteemed Mayo Clinic, especially for hundreds of our Successful Surgery CDs. I may have this wrong, but I think, of all the superstar health centers, Mayo was one of the last to get on board with guided imagery. But, wow, when they did, they really did in a very thorough and thoughtful way. (Some institutions seem to be throwing a few reluctant guided imagery crumbs at their patients, to appease cranky donors who’ve complained that there are no CAM therapies being offered.) But Mayo’s got a very substantive page on their CAM website area to describe meditation and imagery, at http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/meditation/HQ01070 and they actively promote it among their patients.

Well, for a very long time you’ve been asking us to offer something for the devastation of being laid off work. Finally we’ve found a fabulous Job Loss Recovery Program by Lynn Joseph, PhD - a terrific, 6-session guided imagery CD program. There is also an accompanying workbook that is sold separately, and a supplemental CD. The imagery-based exercises are beautifully designed to help overcome the stress, grief, and anger of job loss; and to improve interview performance, boost confidence, & engender a positive attitude, so a new job can be found. These first-rate materials will help a person move on in the best possible way, and they make a great gift for a friend or spouse who you know is struggling mightily with the confusion and demoralization of lost employment.

And additionally, we have two delicious new CDs for babies that will knock a baby’s booties off. Raymond Lap’s Lovely Baby CD fuses classical and jazz instrumentals with natural sounds and appealing, adorable, slightly hilarious cooing baby vocals. I tested it out on my 19 month old grandson, and he loved it. And better yet, I liked it too, so it didn’t drive me crazy (the way the 5th round of Elmo’s laugh can). This music is all-round delightful and wears really well. We’re also told it optimizes brain development and helps build baby skills, while creating a peaceful, loving and soothing home environment.

And better yet, our ingenious Mr. Lap has created another CD called Lovely, Sleepy Baby which is designed to create more of that precious commodity, SLEEP, to be going on in the crib. I’ve already gotten these in anticipation of my new grandchild!

And, finally, folks, you gotta check this out! In keeping with our earnest attempts to join the new century, we now have a snappy new, gift e-card to accompany your gift download of guided imagery to various and sundry of your friends, family and fellow workers. Check it out! After you order the download on the shopping cart, just keep on scrolling and you come upon the gift options, a place to write your personalized message on the e-card (which you can preview) and VOILA! You’ve got a terrifically useful gift, on its way with a minimum of fuss! I just sent one to a friend this morning, whose birthday was rapidly approaching, and, in my usual, flat-footed way, I was running late. Behold, I was saved by a download and gift e-card, whereby I can appear timely, responsible and downright thoughtful.

All best,