Looking forward to seeing many of you in Houston this weekend, at the Del Lago Resort. Lake Conroe, for our 9 continuing ed hour, weekend workshop on imagery and trauma… Hello again.

I’m looking forward to seeing many of you in Houston this weekend, at the Del Lago Resort at Lake Conroe, for our 9 continuing education hour, weekend workshop entitled Balance of Power from the Inside Out: Imagery for Healing, Stress and Trauma. Sponsored by The ConferenceWorks!, this workshop will also be brought to Cape Cod, Copper Mountain, Colorado, and Santa Fe, New Mexico before year’s end. It features the ideas from my new book on the unique power of imagery to heal PTSD, and combines the most recent epidemiology, clinical research, and therapeutic discoveries about what actually works for healing posttraumatic stress, even the most pernicious, persistent and distressing varieties. It’s exciting stuff and I’m very happy to be presenting this info to clinicians and the general public.

Make sure to take a look at our Hot Research page, where the most recent meta-analysis of findings from 22 different studies reveals the power of biofeedback to reduce high blood pressure. The results are pretty impressive, but please note that it’s biofeedback plus relaxation and imagery that seems to do the trick. Biofeedback alone doesn’t perform nearly as well.

Well, Rich Coleman, our marketing mavin and czar of sales analysis, tells us that our recent additions to the catalogue - the new, non-BR, mind-body-spirit resources (guided audio and video for meditation, yoga, hypnosis and imagery) are being received with great enthusiasm. Practitioners and customers tell us that the new titles by Martha Howard, David Illig, Emmett Miller, Suzanne Scurlock-Durana (to name a few) are welcome additions to their resource libraries and practices. We are stoked. Soon we’ll be adding even more new stuff by even more superb practitioners - some well known and others new and rising stars. So stay tuned! I’m collecting some groovalicious new materials to show you!

I also want to call your attention to the Inspiring Story this week, because it shows what one little guided imagery tape (and a free one at that, provided to the patient by a pharmaceutical company) was able to do for a whole family, for a whole variety of complaints. We are indebted to GlaxoSmithkline Oncology for giving out these audio freebies for what is going on now 10 years, and we welcome aboard Roche Oncology, OrthoBiotech and Amgen, who are now doing the same. For information on how to get these free tapes and CDs for your hospital floor or unit, email Rich Coleman at [email protected] and he’ll hook you up.