Hello, everyone.

I’ve been carefully going over over 170 responses to my question, “What should we make next?”  I’m shocked, dismayed and embarrassed to say I asked it nearly a year ago - it’s been that long, being as how we got seriously diverted by the job of getting our audios to more of our sleep-deprived, over-adrenergized, trauma-impacted troops and vets.  So I apologize for the delay (although I’m not sorry about what we’ve been doing that caused it). But the good news is, at least I saved all the suggestions.  I’ve been combing through them, looking for common themes for what’s most needed.  

So far, I’m struck by how many people asked for help with

  1. sexual healing,
  2. chronic illness of any sort,
  3. adult ADHD,
  4. psoriasis & other skin problems,
  5. autoimmune disease,
  6. bipolar illness,
  7. osteoporosis and
  8. inflammation.  

The most popular request was for spiritual guide imagery.

Commonly asked for psychological issues were for imagery that addresses

  1. guilt,
  2. shame,
  3. perfectionism,
  4. jealousy,
  5. body image,
  6. healing a broken heart,
  7. self-acceptance,
  8. eating disorders and
  9. the stresses of new parenting.

If you’ve got anything to add, now’s the time to do it.  I’ll be working on several new titles over the next few months.  (And this time, I mean it!).   

Also, I want to make sure those of you who are interested know about NICABM’s new free teleseminar series on The New Brain Science.  This is a very hot new field of new learning and growth - very exciting research info is coming down the pike, like, every 5 minutes.  So check out what leaders in the field like Bill O’Hanlon, Ron Siegel, Daniel Siegel, Lou Cozolino, Jeffrey Schwartz and Ron Hansen have to say about what we’re learning and why it’s important to practitioners and regular citizens alike.  

The live seminars are free; or you can purchase all the recordings and transcripts any time (once they’ve happened).  Click here if you’re interested.  

OK, take care, be well, and make sure to let me know if you want something else on this massive list we’ve got of requested topics.

All best,