On Valentine’s Day, Celebrate All the Love in your Life

Valentine's Day is not just for sweethearts, newlyweds or wedding anniversaries, though they deserve to be honored. Even if you don't observe the day in the traditional sense, it's a great reminder to celebrate the many faces of love.

Romantic love is wonderful. It's the stuff of epoch novels, music, poems and movies, but it's a mistake to believe you have to be in a romantic relationship, in order to have love in your life. If you don't happen to be part of a couple, there is no need to dread Valentine's Day. Look around you at all the love that is present in your life, at any moment, and celebrate it.

Love comes from within you, so it's always there. Celebrate the love of pets, children, family, friends, nature and certainly the love you have for you. Celebrate the kind of love that causes people to donate money, food, blood, bone marrow or organs to strangers, and the kind of love that is demonstrated by people like police officers, first responders, health care workers and the military as they place themselves in danger in the self-less commission of their duties.

7810b2The list of people who exhibit love in the work they do would be endless. In the words of Kahlil Gibran, "Work is love made visible, and the work you do is the way you love the world." That is certainly cause for celebration on Valentine's Day or any day.

Despite celebrating all kinds of love, Valentine's Day can still be difficult for people who have been seeking and not finding romance. We happen to have, right here in our Online Store, three new MP3 programs by psychotherapist Dr. Shirley McNeal to help you prepare for, find and maintain a healthy, vibrant, loving relationship.

Preparing for a Satisfying Love Relationship, helps identify obstacles and old patterns and ready the heart for a new way of connecting. Finding a Satisfying Love Relationship helps listeners explore all the issues and triggers that can arise when searching for new relationships, and Maintaining a Satisfying Love Relationship helps listeners release inner wisdom and open their hearts to maintain satisfying relationships over time.

No matter what relationship status you display on your left hand or your social web page, celebrate the love in your life today. Happy Valentine's Day to lovers of all kinds from Health Journeys.