Dear Cheryl,

Thanks for sending me the catalogs I requested for my Grief and Loss Workshop, conducted at my church.  We had six women attend, all of whom are actively grieving because of serious losses of loved ones. These included deaths by accident, murder and due to Alzheimer ’s disease. None of these women were aware of guided imagery or your audios.
I played the Affirmations portion of my well-used Relieve Depression tape and they were so deeply touched. One widow commented specifically on the reference to “being held in the hands of God” and the group agreed that image is especially comforting.

I have been using Belleruth’s tapes for many years now, since I first discovered them on a North Carolina vacation.  A store clerk then explained how Duke University Medical Center’s cancer patients were using them with positive results. At that time I brought a couple of tapes back to the New Jersey hospital where I worked as an oncology nurse counselor and introduced them to our in-patients and the weekly cancer support group. Over time, through other jobs and with the different populations I served, I have used several of your guided imagery and affirmations recordings.
Whether it has been in a cancer survivors’ support group, a workshop for wives of Vietnam combat veterans, an in-service for new hospital managers, a grief/loss gathering or a stress management class, you have meaningful selections to help.

Cheryl, any time I have called the office to ask for more catalogs and newsletters for one of my programs, you have always provided them so quickly and graciously. I am truly grateful for this connection.  It is absolutely terrific that there are more and more selections available.  During this time of giving thanks and appreciating blessings, I am saying thanks to Belleruth and to you.

Have a wonderful holiday season!

Phyllis K., RN, MA