Our First HJ HOA (Hangout on Air): A Good Time Had by All !!

Well, what a kick! Last week, we hosted our first Health Journeys Hangout On Air – the topic being guided imagery and how to use it, listen to it and what are the conditions for its most effective use.

There was an especially great discussion on how to introduce guided imagery to people who aren't used to meditative techniques, not to mention the skeptical, suspicious and reluctant.

We had knowledgeable and passionate input from our terrific panelists Ann Williams, Craig Walker, Lisa Lansing, Jean Maurie Puhlman and Bob May, whose considerable collective experiences included using imagery for diabetes, surgery, combat stress, childhood trauma and rehab in the Gyrotonic studio.

It was our first sortie into this wild, new world, using a terrific platform provided by Google (who knew?). Well, I guess Elizabeth knew, because it was her idea, and she was after us to give it a try.

With Cindy as co-producer, E. also moderated the panel for us, skillfully commandeering the tech requirements (those would have stopped me cold, right there), showing panelists with varying levels of technophobia how to use the platform, doing the intros, and facilitating the conversation, after setting the whole thing up. Yikes. That had to be a ton of work and a steep learning curve. Bravissima, E and thanks to Cindy for her usual steady, behind the scenes support.

If you missed it, this hangout is now memorialized on Youtube in perpetuity, and on our HJ Youtube Channel. So if you missed it, you can still "attend".

Stay tuned! We'll be doing a lot more of these, including a special series for our professional program members. And coming up soon: We're also thinking about hosting a special hangout for vets and military to honor Veterans Day.

It's funny - some days I feel like a resentful slave to Google and its persnickety web page requirements, rules and regs. But I'm grateful for this ingenious hangout platform – it's almost as impressive as its astoundingly speedy, comprehensive search engine. When they get it right, they get it right. Again, check it out.

See you soon. Take care and be well,

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