Enjoy Our Least Neurotic Holiday, Thanksgiving!

Hello again and hooray! It’s soon to be Thanksgiving, my all-time favorite holiday. 

I love the way the whole house smells delicious, and family and friends can kind of laze around and watch football and keep going back to the fridge to eat more, sharing juicy bits of personal information between bites, at their leisure.   

To me, there’s something very permissive and forgiving about Thanksgiving… maybe because it’s not a religious holiday, so whatever inherent tensions, guilt, divisions, crankiness or resentment that are normally embedded in those issues just aren’t evoked.

In addition, there are bad movies to be seen, pie crust to pick at, and cozy, mesmerizing fires to stare into, while the mellow influence of tryptophan spreads through the bloodstream, putting minor irritations into their proper perspective. 

It’s a good time to focus more on helping out at church or the local food bank, or to start writing those end of year checks to charitable organizations and to just do some serious thinking about how to share what we’ve got.  

I love it all!

So here’s wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving Day and weekend, filled with turkey that hasn’t been overcooked and company that doesn’t get tiresome, and whatever meaningful thinking and appreciating floats your boat.

By the way, we’re thankful for you,

Belleruth, Cindy and the whole team here at Health Journeys.

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