Our New, Insanely INexpensive, Audio Page with Unlimited Streaming

We have the guided imagery solution practitioners have been waiting for--low-cost streaming pages, for practices of one therapist or many..

Back when I was a clinical social worker in private practice, I had a lending library of books and tapes for clients who wanted to try some guided imagery and meditation to support their progress. So, back in the eighties, that meant a book case full of cassettes by Stephen Levine, Emmett Miller, Shakti Gawain, David Illig, and a few others.

I’d lend the stuff out, and half the time, it just didn’t come back. That’s the nature of lending libraries.  So I’d order more.  It got a little pricey.
So when practitioners started calling us to ask if we would give them a deal on quantity orders, because they kept running out of supplies, I totally got it.  We started our professional program with price break discounts and other perks, and eventually signed up a few thousand clinicians and providers.

We were jazzed – people who needed our audios were getting them from their trusted professionals, who could explain how to best use them, answer questions, and help them sort out their reactions to them.

The cassettes became CDs.  Then, CD players and CDs started disappearing.  People were downloading to their phones and players, or, even better, streaming.
We knew we needed to join the trend and take it to the next level, but were stymied as to how to make that happen for a small practice or even a single practitioner with a limited budget. How could we provide an updated delivery method that we could afford?

So, enter Jonathan Goldsmith, our COO, who built us a platform that delivers streaming and downloads (on private label pages with the provider’s name and message on it, above their picks of audios for their patients to access free, just like the lending library); then we figured out that a simple monthly subscription model would work perfectly to provide unlimited audio streaming on these pages, at a cost to the practitioner that’s way below anything that hard copy CDs had cost them.

I kid you not – the response has been extraordinary.  We struggle to keep up with the demand for these low-cost streaming pages, for practices of one therapist or twenty docs. Evidently, this is the solution practitioners have been waiting for.

If you want to learn more, Jonathan is your go-to guy.  Call him at 800-800-8661 or request more information here.  

Happy New Year!!

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