Our New Online Holiday Gift Guide – Dazzling Deals, Creative Combos!

Hey, Good People!

At the office the other day, I overheard a call that Maggie took, when a weary, rushed woman started out ordering our Healthy Pregnancy & Successful Childbirth guided imagery for her pregnant daughter-in-law, and wound up 10 minutes later having taken care of her entire list of family and friends.

With Maggie's guidance, she was able to order gift bundles and audios with great specificity, targeting the individual needs of her loved ones. The last item she ordered was for her own tired self, to better manage her holiday stress. She got off the phone relieved and delighted, sending "smooches" to the staff.

I had to smile, because that call validated something all of us think around here: that we really do offer supremely useful, life-enhancing gifts are so much more meaningful, consequential and appreciated than your basic scarf or tie or box of cookies.


2015 GiftGuideNot that we have anything against swell accessories or tasty eats.... Sweartogawd., we're fine with that

But sensitively chosen guided meditation, perhaps accompanied by some aromatherapy or a trigger pillow, can be so much more personally helpful and valued. What better than a Focus & Finish Kit for your slightly scattered college student? ...or a Relieve Pain CD with some of that amazing Sombra pain relieving gel for Aunt Millie's arthritis; or a Sleep Kit of guided imagery, yoga stretches, calming essential oils and a comfy, room-darkening sleep mask for your insomniac husband? How about that Surgery Pack for Dad's upcoming bypass operation? You get the idea.

And here's the good news: our wondrous, new online Holiday Gift Guide offers the option of assembling your own, unique gift packs or picking one of ours. There are free extras, deep discounts and lots of great holiday combo ideas, for young, old and in between.

So, take advantage of all the thought, sweat and experience (25 years of taking your orders, people!) that we put into assembling holiday catalog and get your gift giving done with style, meaning and minimal fuss.

Oh! And if you're at a complete loss or just too crazed to deal with any of this, we have Gift Cards, too.

Keep in mind that if you're ordering actual stuff that exists in real space and has to be shipped, you'll need to order by December 17th.

But if you're a hopeless procrastinator or just got too crunched for time this year, you can still pull it all off with a last minute digital order.... won't be as pretty, but it sure will save the day!

Okay, take care and be well!

All best,

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