Out with the Old You, In with the New You, and This Imagery Shows How...

The unpredictability and change we experienced last year threw a lot of things into the air. Some we juggled with aplomb (maybe even surprising ourselves?), some we worked around, some we’re still waiting on to come back down...

But I’ll bet those muscles of flexibility and adaptation we’ve been exercising have resulted in some pretty noteworthy gains, especially when we look back through the lens of self-reflection —how did we handle such-and-such a challenge? What new ways did we find to get to a solution?

And, this year, how we can rise to meet whatever comes next?

Well, just in time (how does she always know??), Traci Stein has delivered a top-notch, compelling guided meditation that serves as an invitation to embrace the vision of yourself you want to see in the future.

Manifesting Your Future Self During Deep Sleep is rich guided imagery infused with binaural beats, designed to evoke what Traci calls “our highest guidance” as it pulls listeners into deep, restorative sleep, creating the optimal conditions to help clarify and manifest your best future self.

Masterfully blending “the mystical and the mundane,” this audio has two tracks: affirmations and the guided imagery. 

Traci advises that Manifesting Your Future Self works best by using the affirmation track, either separately or before the imagery, and not vice versa; the binaural beats for the affirmations induce a deep meditative state, but the ones on the imagery track induce deep sleep. 

(So, in other words, do yourself a favor — don’t wake yourself back up after all that healthful, soothing sleep-inducing.)

Manifestation is all about the power of 3 steps:

  • setting your intention;  
  • being open to the direction of your highest, wisest self toward your goal; and
  • committing to taking the steps necessary to make that dream a reality.  

Inspired by the law of attraction, this imagery brings it to the next level by combining its essence with sound psychological guidance, priming our subconscious for taking the right steps.

That’s a solid plan for the year ahead — and it’s a great time to get the manifestivities underway.