This has been the month of dramatic thank you notes that attest to the power of guided imagery for anxiety, panic episodes, OCD and posttraumatic stress symptoms.   The HJ staff never tires of reading these emails, whether dramatic or tepid - we don’t care.

Here is what one fellow had to say:

Hi.  Can someone tell Belleruth (may I please be so informal?) and the HJ staff that the Panic Attack CD saved me from harming myself?  My sister, who is a cancer survivor and fan of Health Journeys, turned me on to this a few weeks ago when I started experiencing panic attacks and lost control of my life.  I got the CD, listen to it every night when I put myself to bed and again when I wake up, and I'm recovering.

Thank you, thank you, thank you - you literally saved my life.

Warmest regards,
Dean D.