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When Christine “Cissy” White started her recovery from a traumatic childhood, she longed for a role model who could demonstrate how an adult could have post-traumatic stress but still live, love, and parent well. So she became one. Today, White is an in-demand activist, writer, and speaker who works with trauma survivors and the people helping them heal.

Guided imagery from Health Journeys has been key to White’s own healing journey for many years. Recently, after being diagnosed with ovarian cancer, she also began using it to prepare for and recover from surgery and chemotherapy. Today, she continues to rely on it to support her physical, emotional, and spiritual health – which is why she’s also chosen to share it through her website, Heal Write Now.

“I respect Belleruth Naparstek so greatly for being optimistic, joyful, and generous with sharing these effective, affordable techniques, and for speaking about survivors of trauma with such hope and respect," she says.

Heal Write Now visitors can access White’s hand-picked selection of guided meditations 24/7 and as often as they want – something that’s critical for trauma survivors, who may need support unexpectedly at any time or place. White also curated her choices to make sure there’s something for everyone:

Healing Depression (English and Spanish)

Relaxation & Wellness (English and Spanish)

Resisting & Preventing Viral Infection

Calming Body Scan

Cleansing Breath & Peaceful Place

Magic Island: Relaxation for Kids

Three Stages of Healing Trauma: Nine Meditations for PTS

PTS: Healing Trauma

Healthful Sleep

Fight Cancer

Support a Healthy Immune System

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“This is my way of thanking everyone who has supported my healing journey, while sharing a tool they can use for their own healing and recovery from trauma, illness, or both,” White says. “I could do it no matter how weak or tired I was and find respite, comfort, and relief, and I wish all of those things for others.”