Partner Spotlight: Akron Children's Hospital

Today, we’re putting a spotlight on Akron Children’s Hospital. Ranked among the best children's hospitals in the country, Akron Children’s Hospital invests in new research, designs facilities, makes their equipment kid-sized, and tailors their care experiences for a young audience — all to better serve kids and their families.

The hospital’s Wellness Manager, Mary Lynne Zahler, told us that in her position, her focus is on employee health, fitness, and all-around wellness/well-being, every day. Community and family health is also very important, as they are a family-oriented regional children’s hospital.

When we asked how Health Journeys helps with this mission, she replied:

Mary Lynne Zahler

“We love Health Journeys’ easily accessible (24/7) online meditations and guided imagery programs for all our employees. They also offer a wide variety on some very interesting topics, too. In addition, Health Journeys is a local company that has a great reputation. The staff has been very easy to work with and always willing to assist us, as needed. We’ve partnered with them for several years now, and their relevance has only increased in these times of COVID-19 and the need for more digital wellness programs.”

— Mary Lynne Zahler, Wellness Director

Especially in this volatile health and social environment, Mary Lynne says that meditation has been very helpful as an option for managing stress, which led to their desire to offer it to all employees at any time, day or night. “As a large health care organization,” she said, “our employees have very tough jobs at times, and we want to help them to be resilient and well-supported in their compassionate work, and in their daily personal lives as well."

For more information about Akron Children’s Hospital, or to inquire about possible solutions for the people you serve, visit us here, or email us at [email protected] .