Partner Spotlight: LifeSpark Cancer Resources

LifeSpark Cancer Resources is a non-profit organization that provides eight weeks of free Reiki and Healing Touch to individuals with cancer and their caregivers. In March of this year, they switched from hands-on sessions to distant/internet sessions to keep everyone safe, and added guided imagery from Health Journeys to support care and focus during and after each session.

Day-to-day, their top three concerns are marketing, fundraising, and hospital partnerships. Like it has for most of us, Covid-19 has thrown a wrench into their abilities to effectively provide service. We spoke with Sandy Priester, Executive Director of LifeSpark, to learn more about how they’re using our guided imagery:

Sandy Priester

“We had to shift to distant sessions during the pandemic and we needed to give people something to focus on during these sessions. Guided imagery was the obvious choice. I have known of Belleruth for many years and have heard her speak at a Healing Touch conference. I knew she was on the leading edge of guided imagery and is one of the top experts in the country in this field. She was the first person we contacted about it, and we are really happy that we did.”

— Sandy Priester, Executive Director

Reiki and Healing Touch therapies help with stress, depression, and pain in cancer patients; so too does guided imagery. And as Sandy has found, "They work really well together, supercharging both.”

For more information about LifeSpark Cancer Resources, or to inquire about possible solutions for the people you serve, visit us here, or email us at [email protected].