Partner Spotlight: Richard F. Garrett Trauma Solutions

In our mission to bring health and mental health resources to those most in need, Health Journeys works together with a variety of partners to make sure our guided imagery is easily accessible, targeted to specific, relevant health concerns, and fits the needs and budget of each partner.  

We couldn’t do it without them — and today, we’re putting a spotlight on Richard F. Garrett, MSW, a Clinical Social Worker specialist in Albany, Georgia. With over 38 years of diverse professional experience, he also collaborates with other doctors and physicians in his clinical group, Richard F. Garrett Trauma Solutions.

Richard’s worked with us for several years, using our guided imagery and meditations in his work with trauma-based populations. This year, he asked us to create a customized streaming page (a webpage with his branding, providing an easy way to access his choice of guided imagery and meditations by simply clicking PLAY) for his patients.  

Richard F. Garrett Richard explained, “With a trauma-based population this gives them the opportunity to begin to establish self-regulation and recognition of triggers of their debilitating trauma. Not only that, patients also benefit from the ability to use this kind of treatment in the privacy of their home, and it helps them to structure time to attend to self-care.” We also asked what he thought of the streaming page, and he replied “it has been invaluable in supporting goals of (the patient’s) treatment.”

Richard F. Garrett

As his practice works through changes due to COVID-19 restrictions, decreased access due to loss of benefits in the current economic climate, and lack of resources for patients with multiple health challenges, Health Journeys is proud to offer our unique, evidence-based health and mental health tools to better support Richard’s practice — and the patients he serves.

For more information about Richard F. Garrett Trauma Solutions, or to inquire about possible solutions for the people you serve, visit us here, or email us at [email protected].