Partner Spotlight: Wings Of Hope Cancer Support Center, Extending Oncology Support Though Cost-Effective Online Streaming Pages

In our mission to bring health and mental health resources to those most in need, Health Journeys works together with a variety of partners to make sure our guided imagery is easily accessible, targeted to specific, relevant health concerns, and fits the needs and budget of each organization.

Today, we’re putting a spotlight on Wings of Hope Cancer Support Center. Wings of Hope offers support and guidance for those battling cancer at all stages of their illness, and help to families and friends coping with cancer in their lives, serving Omaha Metro and Southwest Iowa, free of charge.

We first spoke with Executive Director & Program Director Carolyn Ettinger about Wings of Hope’s current endeavors. Unsurprisingly, she told us their focus is "centered around the pandemic.  It has affected both our ability to serve patients/survivors/caregivers and raise funds.  We are in the process of moving many of our support services to an online format.  We are observing that many patients are struggling to manage their treatment with the additional concerns with COVID-19, and this negatively affects the energy they have to reach out for emotional support.”

Carolyn added, “We have been ordering CDs to provide to cancer patients and caregivers (free of charge) for a number of years.” With a customizable, cost-effective online streaming page hosted by Health Journeys, the guided meditations chosen by Wings of Hope are made available at anytime and anywhere with an Internet connection (as opposed to the limitations and costs of physical CDs), which “allows for easier access for our patients and is available immediately.”

When asked about the impact of guided meditation on those who benefit from the services provided by Wings of Hope, Carolyn responded:

“As a cancer survivor, I have personal experience utilizing guided meditation.  When I was diagnosed with cancer in 1994, a friend sent me two Health Journeys guided meditation CDs.  The meditations helped me to change the direction of my thoughts and provided me with positive messages at a time that it was difficult for me to find and embrace those messages by myself. I believe that the meditations contribute (even now) to my 26 years of living cancer-free.  As Executive Director and Program Director at Wings of Hope, I highly recommend guided meditations to every cancer patient and caregiver I meet.  We are thrilled to be able to offer these meditations through the Health Journeys’ streaming service, making it accessible to more people.”

For more information about Wings of Hope Cancer Support Center, or to inquire about possible solutions for the people you serve, visit us here, or email us at [email protected] .