{mosimage}Hats off to Pat Alandydy, RN, O.R. nurse, Reiki Master, health educator and integrative care innovator, who first approached the administration of Portsmouth Regional Hospital in Portsmouth NH back in 1995, to establish integrative care services, starting with Reiki – part of her general mission to amp up the humanity, direct caring and high-touch healing for surgery patients, as counterweight to all the new high-tech machinery and methodology that was starting to define the hospital experience.

Some of the tools and techniques Pat introduced stuck and some came and went.  But changes gradually began seeping into the culture of the hospital and the staff. Then, Pat says, integrative care really popped with the arrival of Anne Jamieson, PRH’s dynamic, new CEO, who is also a nurse, attorney and gifted administrator.   

The resulting new Integrative Care Service at PRH now includes Reiki, acupuncture, massage, biofeedback, nutrition education, reflexology, relaxation classes, yoga, meditation and even a Relaxation Hotline for patients, families and staff – you call a number and get a few minutes of guided breath work or relaxing music when you need some quick, guided chilling.  (You can dial 603 433 5151 to check it out).

In addition, Pat is part of a hospital-wide committee to create a true healing environment that celebrates and supports the convergence of mind, body and spirit for  health care providers. The goal is to help them stay connected to the joy and sacredness of their healing work, while functioning in the task-driven environment of today’s hospital.  Yep, that’s the kind of nurse or doc we all want to have looking after us.  

Thanks to Pat (and the triple-threat CEO) for sticking with her mission and helping to get more holistic, compassionate, patient centered care at PRH – and for helping to look after the hardworking staff too.