Somewhere amid the gifting, receiving and celebrating, it's nice to take a moment to savor the gifts the holiday season gives to us.



If there is anything animals can teach us it's how to rest. When they are at rest, they are completely at rest. In the same way an icy cold snow bank appeals to a Husky and a warm, sunny windowsill appeals to a cat, we can find a space that appeals to us and allow the tension to drain away by savoring that space. The winter holidays offer us the opportunity to enjoy some well-needed down time.

"Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are"
~ Chinese proverb



The winter holidays offer us an opportunity to play, whether it's with a child, pet, friend or your inner child. Anything from a walk in the park while noticing the whimsy of nature, a round of golf, playing in the snow or an afternoon with an adult coloring book and some crayons, play has long been recognized as an important element of balanced living and children can help us remember how to do it.

"You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation."


Peace on earth; good will to all. One of the most cherished gifts the winter holidays have to offer us is peace. There is a feeling of stillness and love that seems to blanket the earth this time of year. People are more likely to open their hearts to help those less fortunate or make peace with people in their own lives.

"Peace does not mean an absence of conflicts; differences will always be there. Peace means solving these differences through peaceful means; through dialogue, education, knowledge; and through humane ways." ~ Dalai Lama XIV

Wishing you all the best the season has to offer. Tell us your holiday tales and traditions. We love hearing from you.

Happy Holidays from your friends at Health Journeys

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