Pediatrician Seeks Relaxing Guided Imagery for Kids with Tics, Tourette’s


Hi, Belleruth,
I had the pleasure of hearing you lecture at the University of Arizona Integrative Fellowship Program. I practice developmental and behavioral pediatrics, and frequently recommend your CDs to my patients with great results.

I am wondering if you know of any guided imagery CDs that specifically addresses tics/Tourette Syndrome? I know guided imagery can be helpful and I found a self-hypnosis script for tics in the "Harry the Hypnopotamus" series, but it would be great if I could find something on a CD, as the "Harry" books run about $90!

I see so many kids that are bothered by their tics and it seems to me this would be a great topic for guided imagery/self-hypnosis. Thanks in advance!

Dr. D.


Dear Dr. D,

Thanks for the info about the Harry series - I wasn't familiar with it. I'm not aware of any guided imagery specifically geared to kids with Tourette Syndrome or tics, but it seems to be that any high-quality recording designed for relaxation/stress reduction for kids would serve the purpose.

Depending on the age of the child, I'd recommend Magic Island by Betty Mehling, I Am the Sky by Tami Peckham, and Roxanne Daleo's Mindworks for Children series for pre-school. Charlotte Reznick also has several highly regarded kids' relaxation audios, and Ellen Curran has an excellent book of guided imagery scripts for kids and teens.

Our full selection of guided imagery for kids is here.

Hope this helps!

All best,


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