Peg Doyle’s New Guided Imagery for Cancer Survivors!

2780bIt would be nice if cancer survivors who've completed treatment and been declared "in remission" could stop worrying, but when it's time for that follow-up test, scan or lab report, it's not unusual for fear and worry to overtake an otherwise chill psyche– at least for a while.

Similarly, people who have cancer, but have come to see it as their chronic illness to manage (as opposed to a scary death sentence) do a great job of getting on with their lives most of the time, but they can dissolve into major worry when the time comes for a check-up.

So let's hear it for Peg Doyle, M.Ed, who clearly understands this scenario, and has created a terrific, 3-track, guided imagery audio called Beyond Cancer: Healing Meditations.

Her calming, grounded, skillful meditations target those anxious times cancer survivors know so well – just before a medical appointment and while awaiting results from follow-up scans. A third track helps listeners anticipate a long and healthy life. Each of these 3 segments has its own set of affirmations as well.

Peg has a natural, likeable, trustworthy voice, and her authentic and knowledgeable guidance provides solid, realistic reassurance without soft-peddling the challenges of these worrisome times.

We already love her Stress Management imagery, and we're altogether delighted to add this new, much-needed recording to our collection. Check it out, listen to a sound sample, and see for yourself.

Take care and be well.

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