Hello again.

For our service people over the holidays, we’re sure that one of the absolute best, most useful gifts you could possibly give is some good, old, stress-reducing, resilience-promoting, health-generating guided imagery…. CDs if you want something wrapped up and pretty that they can hold in their hands; or a download for their MP3’s if you’re worried about getting it to them on time (it takes about 2 weeks to get CDs to Iraq or Afghanistan) or breakage downrange.  If you want to really make it simple and easy with one stop listening, send a Playaway!

I mean, really, what could be better than some potent (yet drug-free) assistance for insomnia, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, anger outbursts and even posttraumatic stress? And if your son or sister or friend got a devastating “Dear John” letter while serving overseas, or if a relationship came to an end after an uneasy reunion back home – this happens, we all know – we’re very encouraged by the feedback we’ve been getting for our new Heartbreak, Abandonment & Betrayal imagery, for lending a lot of support with a terrible situation like this.

The ever-expanding, DoD-funded clinical trials spearheaded by brilliant principle investigator and clinical psychologist, Jennifer Strauss, PhD, and her team at Duke Medical Center & the Durham VAMC continues to test our imagery and is showing us what we knew all along – that imagery reduces stress symptoms as well or better than anything else can, and is far less expensive, time-consuming or demanding on the end-user. And the drops in symptoms hold up over time, she’s finding, too.  

So we’re delighted to see the vast increases in orders these days from every branch of the Armed Services and supporting organizations.  We’ve sent our stuff to Fort Leonard Wood, Walter Reed, the U.S. Army in Korea, Bethesda Naval Hospital, Landstuhl Medical Center, Quantico, West Point, Maxwell Airforce Base, Camp Pendleton, Camp Lejeune, Fort Bragg, Fort Carson, the Navy Hospital in Keflavik, Iceland, Fort Benning, Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany, the California National Guard, Veterans Families United, and the Wounded Warrior Organization as well as the USMC WW Regiment… not to mention over 130 Veterans Administration Medical Centers and Vet Centers.  We ain’t fooling around, people!!  

Still, a lot of our military who need these simple, portable, self-administered audio tools aren’t getting them.  So we’re hoping you’ll help fill in some of the gaps by sending your favorite soldier some of these critical relaxation tools. Check our new military page for more information and resources, and for our special discounts for service people.

OK, take care and be well!

All best,